Dr. J's Success And Stress Management Systems

"When you take care of your mind, body, and soul...your mind, body, and soul will take care of you."

Jonathan Scott Vakneen, Ph.D. Holistic Life Coach, for the past 15 years has created systems and environments that support vibrant health and enhanced performance. Working with a diverse population from children to octagenerians.

Dr. Vakneen has enabled thousands of individuals (including CEO's, physicians, religious leaders, entertainers, actors, athletes) to achieve and maintain their optimal performance level.

By optimizing an individuals power in the areas of health, self image or energy, Dr, Vakneen inspires his clients to go beyond the boundaries that have previously imposed limitations.

Dr. Vakneen creates individualized and group programs with proactive actions and tasks that guarantee success.

Dr. Vakneen's success rate has allowed his clients to realize their most ambitious aspirations and beyond."When we recognize that all of our dreams are possible because of our health...the journey to a fulfiliing life truly begins." --Dr. Vakneen

Are you ready to live the life you are destined to create....